Shuttering Plywood


We manufactures a comprehensive range of shuttering plywood which are known for their use in civil construction firms owing to their durability which is due to 170 GSM phenolic is carefully applied on both the sides of the ply to impart it with a superfine mirror finish on the surface and a water resistant layer which requires no further finishing and finds wide application in casting concrete slabs, beams and column boxes for a minor finish output.

Technical Details
S.No. Test I.S.I Requirement
1 Moisture Content 5-15%
2 Glue Shear Strength in Dry Condition Individual Min 1100 Newton

Average Min. 1350 Newton

3 Glue Shear Strength after Wet Condition Individual Min. 800 Newton.

Average Min. 1000 Newton

4 Glue Shear Strength in mycological test Individual Min. 800 Newton

Average Min. 1000 Newton

5 Tensile Strength

a .Parallel to grain direction

b. Right angle to grain direction

c.Sum of both directions

Min 325 kgf./cm2

Min 225 kgf /cm2

Min. 600 kgf / cm2

6 Modules of Elasticity

1) Parallel to Grain Direction

b. 2) Perpendicular to Grain Direction

Mim 8000 Newton /


Min. 4000 Newton / mm2